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ibd Just Gel Polish & Advanced Wear Duo - FRENCH WHITE DUO - Professional Salon Brands

ibd Just Gel Polish & Advanced Wear Duo - FRENCH WHITE DUO

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Elevate your professional nail service with the IBD Just Gel Polish & Advanced Wear Duo in FRENCH WHITE DUO. This exceptional pairing brings together a 14ml bottle of IBD's premium Just Gel Polish and its matching Advanced Wear Lacquer in the pristine shade of FRENCH WHITE. This duo is designed for the nail professional who demands versatility and perfection, offering the ultimate solution for creating crisp, classic French manicures or sophisticated, full-coverage looks that are both durable and beautifully bright.

Key Features:

  • Perfectly Matched Set: Ensure a flawless match between gel and traditional lacquer applications with the FRENCH WHITE DUO, providing professional versatility and client satisfaction.
  • 100% Pure Gel Formula: The Just Gel Polish delivers a robust, long-lasting wear with a radiant shine that's characteristic of the finest gel polishes, ensuring a seamless application every time.
  • Durable Lacquer: Complementing the gel, the Advanced Wear Lacquer offers a high-performance, chip-resistant formula that mirrors the gel's longevity and aesthetic appeal, with the ease of traditional polish application and removal.
  • Immaculate French White: The pure, vivid white shade is ideal for creating striking French tips or a bold, full-nail look that exudes elegance and sophistication.

The IBD Just Gel Polish & Advanced Wear Duo in FRENCH WHITE DUO is a professional-grade set that caters to the high standards of nail technicians and their clients. Whether for a wedding, a formal event, or daily wear, this duo provides the tools needed for a manicure that is as durable as it is beautiful. This carefully selected pairing not only streamlines the manicure process but also enhances the service menu, allowing for a range of nail designs that stand the test of time with unmatched brilliance and wearability.

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