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Vagheggi Sinecell Scrub Cellulite 200ml - Professional Salon Brands

Vagheggi Sinecell Scrub Cellulite 200ml

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Body Scrub that leaves the skin lifted, nourished and hydrated to favor a reduction of the appearance of cellulite on the skin. When massaged with your fingertips, the Mediterranean salts and the crushed lychee seeds melt with the oils and butters contained in the product for a delicate skin exfoliation, under the shower the product transform itself in a soft emulsion to counter unsightly cellulite*.

Ingredients: exfoliating lychee seeds, oils for eudermic action, anti-oxidant vitamin E, marine salt for exfoliating and osmotic action.


Use: massage the product on the skin for at least 10 minutes, dissolve the salt with warm water while continuing to massage. Then wrap with plastic paper and leave for 20 minutes to activate the osmotic action. Rinse off with damp mitts or accompany the client to the shower.


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