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6 Steps to Flawless Skin with Vagheggi

6 Steps to Flawless Skin with Vagheggi

Vagheggi's signature Rehydra line quenches thirsty skin that tends to show signs of water dry and liquid dry tendencies. The Rehydra treatment softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin plumped and hydrated with a natural, healthy glow.

Follow our step-by-step beauty regime to flawless skin with Vagheggi's Rehydra line.

1. Remove
Use Vagheggi's Rehydra Eye and Lip Make-up remover on a cotton wool pad to delicately remove makeup.

2. Cleanse
Delicately eliminate impurities, moisturise and protect the skin from drying with Vagheggi's Rehydra Cleansing Milk. Double cleanse to remove makeup and then deeply clean the skin.

3. Tone
A soft action, that maintains optimum skin moisture levels. The application of Vagheggi's Rehydra Moisturising Toning Lotion becomes a moisturising treatment for the skin, which will stay fresh and soft for hours.

4. Exfoliate
Gel enriched with micronized bamboo, Vagheggi's Rehydra Bamboo Exfoliating Gel is ideal for gently smoothing the skin of the face and body. A precious mica, mainly composed of aluminium and potassium silicates gives a bright and silk aspect to the skin.

5. Fluid
Quickly smooth, brighten and moisturise the skin. Apply Vagheggi's Rehydra Concentrated Fluid before your moisturiser, when the skin needs extra nourishment and moisture. The high content of hyaluronic acid, extract of Althaea officinalis and Ximenynic acid, quickly smooths, brightens and moisturises the skin while protecting it against environmental agents. This product effectively guarantees water retention.

6. Eyes
Specifically curated for daily care of the skin around the eyes. Immediately moisturise and soften even the driest of skins with Vagheggi's Rehydra Eye Contour Cream.

7. Moisturise
Morning: Particularly delicate, Vagheggi's Rehydra Day Cream restores moisture levels and freshness, with an immediate feeling of wellbeing. Its especially soft light formula makes it perfect for massaging face, neck and décolleté before applying make-up.
Night: Vagheggi's Rehydra Night Cream softens and protects the skin as it regenerates overnight. Jojoba and Avocado oils ensure focused nourishment and moisturising even for the driest most dehydrated skin.

Wanting more? Add these steps to really ramp up you skin care regime.

Mask on
Vagheggi's Rehydra Moisturising Mask is formulated as a normalising treatment any time the skin needs extra moisturising. This product nourishes and moisturise the skin, leaving it silky, smooth and radiant.

Vital Vials
For intensive treatment, turn to Vagheggi's Rehydra Intensive Vials. Apply one vial a day a day under cream, using half in your morning routine and half at night. Repeat this action for 10 days until all vials have been used. Experience intensive restoring actions thanks to Hyaluronic Acid and extract of Althaea officinalis. Fresh and pleasant when applied, this product leaves the skin moisturised and soft.

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