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Double Cleansing

Two different steps 
No extra time added to your beauty routine 
Worth it? 
You bet. 



Step 1 Double Cleanse - involves cleaning your face of makeup, DIRT, pollution, sunscreen - anything found in your pores and on the surface of the skin at the end of the day.

Step 2 Tone - this step ensures that anything that wasn’t removed in the first step is washed away (including leftover cleanser residue).

THE END RESULT: Skin that’s gloriously clean and ready to absorb your next skincare products.


Korean, Japanese and even French skincare rituals emphasise the importance of cleansing. It’s one of the best things you can do for your skin, and double cleansing allows you to maximise the process.


Use a cream or gel mousse formulation or a milk as your first cleanse

These formulations are most effective in dissolving makeup and can get inside pores where oil and product tend to build-up.


Use a toner during your second cleansing step

Using a toner will ensure the skin is left free of pollution. Only a small amount of product is require for this step.



And remember, a flawless cleansing routine is the foundation for (skincare) success, enhancing the treatments being applied after.


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