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Tanning Tips


Whether you’re a religious weekly tanner or you’re wanting to be bronze for a special event, these tips will help you create a flawless result!



With more information readily available on the damage UV has on the skin, not only is fake tan the more reliable option, but it is also the safest.

So how do you create the perfect tan? We have devised the following tips to help you achieve the bronzing look everyone desires!


  1. Exfoliate

Remove all old tan and clean the skin with an exfoliating glove or body scrubs. First bath or shower in warm water, and then scrub in a circular motion.


  1. Cold shower

Once you have scrubbed off all your old tan, turn the tap to cold. This will help your pores close, ensuring you don’t get black dots wen you tan.


  1. Moisturise

Moisturise dry skin to stop product clinging to these areas and becoming obviously darker. These areas include elbows, knees, hands and feet.


  1. Tan

Using a mitt (to ensure your hands don’t go orange) start applying your favourite tan. Try using a lighter shade on your hands, feet and face, and blend out the product using a large body brush.


  1. Wash

Once your tan is developed, have a quick, lukewarm shower to wash off the product.


  1. Moisturise

After 24hours, apply moisturisers every day. This will increase the life of your tan and ensure it fades evenly (avoiding patchy skin)

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