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Collection: Nail Files, Blocks & Buffers

Welcome to our Nail Files, Blocks & Buffers Products collection, where your journey to flawless nails begins. Explore a comprehensive selection of essential tools designed to shape, polish, and shine your nails to perfection. From coarse files for precise shaping to fine buffers for a brilliant finish, our range offers everything you need for impeccable nail care. Crafted with precision, these tools ensure your nails always look their best. Dive into our selection and discover the art of nail perfection. Explore the path to perfect nails with us today.
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  • Artistic Effect Buffer 100/180
  • Artistic Nail Design Aspect File 180/180 Grit
  • Artistic Nail Design Correct File 150/150
  • Artistic Nail Design Perfect Buffer220/280 Grit
  • Black Beauty Wood Centre Board 800/800 grit
  • Black Beauty wood Centre Emery Board 280/280 grit
  • Black grinder Blue Core Cushioned 180/180 grit
  • Black Grinder Red Core Cushioned 100/100 grit
  • Black Grinder Yellow Core 240/240 Grit
  • Blue Shining Block
  • Checi Coarse Foot File
  • Checi Medium Foot File
  • Checi Professional Autoclavable Foot File - Dual-Sided (Medium/Coarse)
  • Checi Professional Foot File - Coarse
  • Checi Professional Foot File - Dual-Sided (Medium/Coarse)
  • Checi Professional Foot File - Fine
  • Goldie Grinder Cushioned 100/100 grit
  • Harbour Bridge Frosty Red Core 100/100 grit
  • best Harbour Bridge White Perfector 120/240 grit
  • Hot Shot black Core Cushioned Grinder 100/180
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