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Whether you're looking for the perfect pink, a bold blue, or a gleaming green, our Shop by Shade page makes it easy to locate your desired hue within our extensive collection of nail color products. Each shade is represented in various formulations, providing versatility and convenience for all service types.
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  • Artistic Dip 1,2 Punch
  • Artistic Dip Artistic Life
  • Artistic Dip Cheeky
  • Artistic Dip DANCE IT OUT Dip Powder
  • Artistic Dip Fab
  • Artistic Dip Forbidden Fruit
  • Artistic Dip Foxy
  • Artistic Dip Hotness
  • Artistic Dip REDWARDIAN - Red Creme DIP
  • Artistic Dip Social Diva
  • Artistic Dip YIELD FOR NO ONE - Red Crème
  • Artistic Gel 1,2 Punch
  • Artistic Gel Artistic Life
  • Artistic Gel Attraction
  • Artistic Gel Cheeky
  • Artistic Gel DANCE IT OUT Colour Gloss
  • Artistic Gel Fab
  • Artistic Gel Falling in Lust-er
  • Artistic Gel Flashing
  • Artistic Gel Forbidden Fruit
  • Artistic Gel Hotness