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Collection: Skincare Treatment


Invest in effective skincare treatments for every concern and skin type. Endulge your clients skin with luxury facial masks, serums, oils and scrubs. 



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  • Rehydra
  • Equilibrium
  • Balance
  • Emozioni Plus
  • Atypical (Mens)
  • Lime
  • White Moon
  • Primissima
  • Delay Infinity
  • 75.15
  • Intense
  • Makeup
  • Oligominerals
  • Essential Oils
  • Rosso Di Venezia
  • Vagheggi Delay Infinity Night Cream 50ml
  • best Vagheggi Balance Cleansing Scrub Gel 150ml
  • best Vagheggi Delay Infinity Day Cream 50ml
  • Vagheggi Lime Vitamin C Cream 50ml
  • Vagheggi White Moon Brightening Mineral Mask 250ml
  • best Vagheggi Balance Matifying Cream 50ml
  • Rehydra 100H Hydrating Face Cream 50ml
  • best Vagheggi 75.15 Redensifying Night Cream 50ml
  • Vagheggi Rehydra Intensive Moisturizing Vials 10x 2.5ml
  • best Vagheggi Balance Matifying Lotion 200ml
  • best Vagheggi 75.15 Smoothing Day Cream 50ml
  • Vagheggi Rehydra Moisturizing Day Cream 50ml
  • Vagheggi Emozioni Plus Anti Pollution Drops SPF 50+ (30ml)
  • Vagheggi Delay Infinity Intensive Serum 30ml
  • Vagheggi Delay Infinity Eye and Lip Contour Cream 30ml + 4ml
  • Vagheggi White Moon Brightening Concentrate 30ml
  • Vagheggi Rehydra Eye Contour Cream 30ml
  • Vagheggi Oligominerals Manganese Complex 50ml
  • Vagheggi White Moon Protective Brightening Emulsion 50ml
  • Vagheggi Equilibrium Cleansing Phytogel 200ml
  • Vagheggi Equilibrium Face Cream 50ml