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Collection: Vagheggi Bio+

Welcome to our VAGHEGGI BIO+ Products Page, where nature meets innovation in the realm of professional skincare. VAGHEGGI BIO+ is a pioneering line that represents the pinnacle of bio-natural cosmetics, blending the purity of natural ingredients with the latest skincare science to offer effective, eco-conscious solutions. Designed for beauty professionals who demand the highest quality, sustainable products for their clients, this collection caters to a variety of skin types and concerns, ensuring exceptional care and results.
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  • Vagheggi BIO+ Face Scrub 150ml
  • Vagheggi BIO+ Lenitive Shower Bath Cleanser 250ml
  • Vagheggi BIO+ Facial Toning Cleanser 150ml
  • Vagheggi BIO+ Nourishing Body Cream 200ml
  • Vagheggi BIO+ Face Massage
  • Vagheggi BIO+ 24H Moisturising Face Cream
  • Vagheggi BIO+ Brush for Facial Massages
  • Vagheggi BIO+ Balance Face Mask 150ml
  • Vagheggi BIO+ Nourishing Essence and 24Hr Face Cream Sample 6ml
  • Vagheggi BIO+ Body Scrub 200ml
  • Vagheggi BIO+ Antioxidant Face Essence 30ml
  • Vagheggi BIO+ Professional Kit
  • Vagheggi BIO+ Green Shopper
  • Vagheggi BIO+ Facial Toning Cleanser and Face Scrub Sample 6ml
  • Vagheggi BIO+ Lilac Tin
  • Vagheggi BIO+ Redensifying Face Essence 30ml
  • Vagheggi BIO+ Hydrating Kit
  • Vagheggi BIO+ Green Tin
  • Vagheggi BIO+ Nourishing Face Essence 30ml
  • Vagheggi BIO+ Turquoise Tin
  • Vagheggi BIO+ Redensifying Essence and 24Hr Face Cream Sample 6ml
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