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Ardell Lashes Duralash Individual Flare Knotted - Long Black - Professional Salon Brands

Ardell Lashes Duralash Individual Flare Knotted - Long Black

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Ardell Lashes Duralash Individual Flare Knotted in Long Black provides the ultimate solution for beauty professionals looking to offer clients dramatic, long-lasting lash enhancements. These individual lashes, designed for attachment to the client's natural lashes, blend seamlessly to create a look that is both striking and natural. The Long Black variant adds significant length, perfect for clients desiring a more dramatic, eye-catching appearance without the heaviness or discomfort often associated with traditional false lashes.

Key Features for Professional Application:

  • Weightless Feel: Designed to be light as air, ensuring that clients can enjoy their lash enhancements without any feeling of heaviness on their eyelids.
  • Permanent Curl: These lashes are permanently curled to maintain an ideal, uplifted shape, eliminating the need for daily curling and ensuring a consistent look.
  • Waterproof: Perfect for all-day wear, these lashes are waterproof, making them suitable for any event, weather condition, or lifestyle.
  • Comfortable Wear: Engineered for comfort, clients can wear these lashes for extended periods without discomfort, making them ideal for everyday enhancement or special occasions.
  • Long Black Length: The longer length provides a glamorous, sophisticated look that enhances the natural beauty of the eyes, making them stand out.

Ideal for Professional Use: Ardell Lashes Duralash Individual Flare Knotted in Long Black are an essential component of any professional beauty service. They offer the flexibility to create customized lash looks that range from subtly enhanced to dramatically voluminous, catering to a wide variety of client preferences and styles.

Application Tips for Beauty Professionals:

  1. Carefully remove an individual lash from the tray using tweezers.
  2. Dip the knotted end into a small drop of professional-grade lash adhesive.
  3. Attach the lash to the client's natural lash, slightly away from the eyelid to avoid irritation.
  4. Allow the adhesive to dry fully, ensuring each lash is securely attached and blends smoothly with the natural lashes.

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