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Artistic Get Bent Nail Forms  (Mylar) - 100ct - Professional Salon Brands

Artistic Get Bent Nail Forms (Mylar) - 100ct

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GET BENT super?strong, black and silver mylar forms create the perfect surface for sculpting white and clear ROCK HARD GELS or ROCK HARD LIQUID & POWDER. The high quality adhesive prevents slipping and the even gridlines guide you to a ROCK HARD full set every time!

HOW TO USE: Remove GET BENT NAIL FORM from the paper backing and remove the round ROCK HARD sticker from the center of the form.? Place on the back of the lined area of the? form for additional thickness and support.? Sculpt ROCK HARD NAILS using ROCK HARD LED GEL or ROCK HARD LIQUID & POWDER.

Get Bent Nail Forms ? Rock Hard 100ct

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