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Artistic Nail Design Crystal Pusher - Professional Salon Brands

Artistic Nail Design Crystal Pusher

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Proper prep is the first step to a perfect manicure or full set of extensions! The spoon end of the Artistic Signature Crystal Pusher gently pushes the cuticle away from the nail plate while the curved end scrapes away stubborn cuticle trapped in the nail folds.

  • Dual Sided
  • Stainless Steel
  • Pouch Included

DIRECTIONS: Using the spoon end, gently push the cuticle off the surface of the nail plate. Using the angled tip, gently scrape away any cuticle near the lateral nail folds. Be careful not to apply pressure, as you could damage the nail plate. Properly sanitize your cuticle pusher after every use.

ARTISTIC Signature Crystal Pusher is a dual sided, stainless steel, professional implement that aids in the proper preparation of the nail before any salon service.

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