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AU Drench 13oz/369g - Professional Salon Brands

Famous Releaf AU Drench 369g

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We put the power of allantoin and urea in YOUR hands. You decide the % that is correct for your client. Look at the ingredients… Allantoin and Urea. There are no “fillers” in Drench! Made of 100% AU Complex… “Our Power Ingredient That Provides a Shot of Pure Moisture Into the Skin”

• Skin Protector: used since ancient times to soothe, reduce irritation and enhance healing
• Encourages cell regeneration
• Super moisturizer for the skin
• Is calming to the skin and an anti-inflammatory

• Moisture magnet for the skin
• Draws water into the epidermis and keeps it there
• Anti microbial properties
• Promotes skin repair and has anti-inflammatory properties

Use one teaspoon of AU Drench with SOAK-A-LYPYUS in the foot bath for an upgraded experience.

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