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Embrace the fusion of luxury and daring style with 'Boundary Breaker - Charcoal Metallic Shimmer - Gel,' a gel polish that's poised to become the crown jewel of your salon's gel collection. This exquisite shade is the epitome of modern sophistication, offering your clients a unique manicure experience that's both luxurious and assertively chic.

Elegance with an Edge: 'Boundary Breaker' is where the timeless grace of charcoal meets the boldness of metallic shimmer. This gel polish is designed for clients who are not afraid to stand out and who demand a nail look that's as bold and dynamic as they are.

Flawless Application and Wear: The superior gel formula of 'Boundary Breaker' is crafted for a flawless, smooth application, delivering an even, streak-free finish. Once cured, it offers a brilliant, long-lasting shine and wear that resists chips and fading, perfect for clients on the go.

Versatile and Vibrant: Whether used for a full manicure, as an accent nail, or for intricate nail art designs, this charcoal metallic shimmer gel polish provides versatility in use. It's a statement shade that can adapt to various styles, from the avant-garde to the classically elegant.

A Staple for Style-Conscious Clients: Adding 'Boundary Breaker' to your gel polish offerings ensures that your salon stays at the forefront of nail fashion. It's a must-have for style-conscious clients who seek the latest in nail trends and want their manicure to be an extension of their personal style.

'Boundary Breaker - Charcoal Metallic Shimmer - Gel' is not just a gel polish; it's a transformative beauty experience that promises to leave nails dazzling with an unforgettable, glamorous finish.

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