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Gravity Lashes Lash C Curl 0.18 Volume II 20 Line 13mm - Professional Salon Brands

Gravity Lashes Lash C Curl 0.18 Volume II 20 Line 13mm

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Elevate the standard of eyelash extensions with Gravity Lashes Lash C Curl 0.18 Volume II 20 Line 13mm, meticulously crafted for lash technicians who aspire to offer their clients unparalleled elegance and drama. These superior-quality eyelash extensions are engineered to provide a stunning curl, exceptional length, and voluminous body, transforming any look into a work of art.

Key Features:

  • Exquisite C Curl: The C Curl's enchanting curvature offers an eye-opening effect, perfectly suited for clients looking for a blend of drama and natural beauty in their lash enhancement.
  • Ideal Thickness 0.18mm: With a diameter of 0.18mm, these lashes strike a perfect balance, offering significant volume without the weight, ensuring comfort and long wear.
  • Impressive Length 13mm: The 13mm length is designed for those who desire a bold lash look, providing standout length that captivates and enhances the eye's natural beauty.
  • Abundant Supply: Featuring 20 lines of lashes per tray, this product ensures a generous provision for multiple applications, maximizing both efficiency and value for professional use.
  • Premium Synthetic Material: Constructed from high-quality synthetic fibers, these lashes are soft, lustrous, and mimic the appearance and feel of natural lashes, while offering enhanced durability.
  • Flexible Styling: The Volume II series allows for comprehensive creative control, enabling the crafting of everything from sophisticated, natural-looking sets to full, dramatic volume.
  • Professional Grade: Tailored for ease of application and enduring wear, these lashes adhere seamlessly to the natural lash, providing a flawless finish that clients will adore.

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