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LIFTY BUTTER - Professional Salon Brands
LIFTY BUTTER - Professional Salon Brands
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RRP: 40.00

Lifty Butter is a luxurious all-over massage butter designed to cater to the unique skincare needs associated with menopause. This product stands out with its unique formulation, combining flaxseed and bacuri butter, ingredients known for their rich nourishing and hydrating properties. Upon contact with the skin, Lifty Butter transforms from a sumptuous butter into an ultra-light oil, delivering deep nourishment without leaving a heavy or greasy residue.

Key Features:

  • Unique Texture: Starts as a butter that seamlessly melts into an ultra-light oil, ensuring easy application and absorption.
  • Flaxseed and Bacuri Butter: These key ingredients are celebrated for their deep moisturizing qualities and ability to improve skin elasticity, offering relief from dryness and enhancing skin texture.
  • Vegetable Oils and Fine Butters: A blend of carefully selected oils and butters provides a comprehensive treatment that leaves the skin feeling incredibly soft, smooth, and rejuvenated.
  • Pleasant Sensation: Offers a soothing experience, leaving the skin with a feeling of silkiness and softness that lasts.
  • Menopause Range: Part of a specialized skincare line designed to address the challenges of menopausal skin, ensuring targeted nourishment and care.

Ideal for Comprehensive Skincare: Lifty Butter is perfect for professional use in spas and salons, as well as for personal use at home. Its versatile formula makes it suitable for all-over body application, providing an indulgent, spa-like experience. Whether used as part of a massage therapy or a daily skincare routine, it offers an effective solution to combat the dryness and loss of elasticity often experienced during menopause.

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