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LIFTY•PILL SET PROFESSIONAL - Professional Salon Brands
LIFTY•PILL SET PROFESSIONAL - Professional Salon Brands
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Lifty Pill Set Professional

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Professionals Only Product 

The Lifty Pill Set Professional is an innovative skincare solution specifically crafted for beauty professionals, part of a dedicated Menopause Range designed to address the unique skin concerns associated with hormonal changes during menopause. This professional treatment set focuses on redensifying and elasticizing the skin, offering relief from dehydration and helping the skin to regain its natural balance and vitality.

Kit Includes:

  • 30 Lifty-Pill Masks: These specially designed masks fit perfectly to the face, creating an occlusive effect that enhances the delivery and absorption of active ingredients into the skin. The masks are engineered to maximize the skincare benefits by providing an intensive treatment that leaves the skin looking rejuvenated and feeling more elastic.
  • 1 x 230ml Bottle of Lifty-Pill Fluid: Formulated with Phytoestrogens, this fluid boasts antioxidant properties that activate tissue regeneration and increase skin elasticity. The Lifty-Pill Fluid is a key component of the treatment, working in synergy with the masks to deliver a comprehensive redensifying action.

Key Features for Professional Use:

  • Redensifying and Elasticizing Action: Targets the loss of density and elasticity in the skin, common concerns during menopause, offering a firmer, more supple skin texture.
  • Alleviates Dehydration: Addresses dehydration issues, ensuring the skin is adequately hydrated and balanced.
  • Formulated with Phytoestrogens: The inclusion of Phytoestrogens provides potent antioxidant benefits, stimulates tissue regeneration, and enhances skin elasticity.
  • Occlusive Mask Design: Ensures optimal delivery and absorption of the Lifty-Pill Fluid, allowing for maximum efficacy of the active ingredients.
  • Menopause Range: Tailored to meet the skincare needs during menopause, making it an ideal choice for mature skin treatments.

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