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ProDip Acrylic Dipping System Kit - Professional Salon Brands

ProDip Acrylic Dipping System Kit

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Attention all nail technicians! Swipe to see the steps all beauty technicians should be taking when completing their dip manicures.


Step 1: Pro Dip Prep dehydrates and prepares the nail For dip application.


Step 2: ProDip Base is a self-leveling, medium viscosity resin formulated to properly adhere to the nail and absorb the correct ratio of dip powder.


Step 3: ProDip Activator is a brush-on activator used to “cure” the base and dip powder mixture.

finish gel

Step 4: ProDip Finish Gel is an air dry, self-leveling top coat, that seals and protects the dip nail enhancement giving it an even, glossy finish.

base refill

Avoid unnecessary waste and use refill bottles.

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