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Vagheggi 4 in 1 Micro Face Lab - Professional Salon Brands

Vagheggi 4 in 1 Micro Face Lab

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The Vagheggi 4 in 1 Face Lab is effective and safe. A New-Gen Dino-Lite 200x Optic microcamera makes a diagnosis thorough a hypodermal image of the skin.

Each treatment is created depending on the personal characteristics of each customer: 1) Sex 2) Skin type - Fitzpatrick scale 3) Hair colour 4) Hair coarseness 5) Hair thickness 6) Body area It has a triple function: used by scanning, able to do 8-12 flashes per second according to the parameters chosen, in order to cover larger areas.

Static use shots for the closed or sensitive areas that will use one or three pulses depending on the configuration, for better relaxation and effectiveness in dark skin types. It is extremely fast even in large areas, need about 40-45 minutes to cover two legs.

The headpiece is small and light, its ergonomic design allows easier use at 13mm*13mm. Has a great life expectancy at 10.000.000 shots. It informs the user earlier without locking the machine. For two legs the treatments needs about 5.000-5.500 shots. The new MATRIX technology increases the light's efficiency. When compared to the technologies frequently used where the melanocytes absorbes 72-80% of the photons, the MATRIX allows 98%. This of course results in a better development of the technology.

There are 3 cooling systems: *Peltier Effect for cooling the crystal *Fridge Cooling for cooling the water *Freezing effect to lower the temperature of the water cooling system, much lower than that of the environment resulting in a prolonged use of the headpiece in larger areas without overheating. For this reason, the maintenance of the machine, the change of the water and the calibration of the headpiece occur every 3 years in contrast to the other machines that need every year.

The perfect synergy for combating skin ageing
VHG Face Lab is high-performance innovative technology that deals with unsightly problems caused by skin ageing. It works both on the skin's surface and deep down, delivering all the precious active ingredients in the Vagheggi face and Age Care cosmetics. This appliance specifically restores smoothness, compactness and radiance to skin, thanks to its innovative diamond tips that exfoliate the epidermal layers, promoting cell turnover while brightening and uniforming the skin. It also enables increased collagen and elastin production for an immediately perceptible deep lifting action.  Toned, redefined skin thanks to an innovative technique that reworks the effects of medical lasers in a less invasive way, visibly reduces wrinkles, volumising and redensifying the skin.

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