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Collection: Professional Wax Heating Systems

Welcome to our Professional Wax Heating Systems Products collection, where we provide the tools to elevate your waxing experience to a professional level. Explore a range of meticulously designed wax heating systems, ideal for both salon professionals and at-home enthusiasts. Our collection includes a variety of systems that efficiently heat wax to the perfect temperature, ensuring smooth and effective waxing sessions every time. Crafted with precision and reliability, our professional wax heating systems are the key to achieving flawless and comfortable hair removal. Dive into our selection and discover the art of precision waxing made effortless. Explore the path to salon-quality results with us today.
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  • ibd JET 5000 Replacement Bulbs
  • ibd JET 1000 Reflectors 6 PC
  • ibd JET 5000 Reflectors 6 PC
  • ibd JET 1000 Globes 2 PC
  • Clean and Easy Wax Pot Mini
  • Clean and Easy Sensitive Wax Refill Medium 3pk
  • Clean and Easy Simply Soy Refills Medium 3pk
  • Clean and Easy Soy Refills Small 3pk